Tip of the Week: Mnemonics & Customization

Written by Kristin O'Neill in Blog, What's New
October 9, 2015:

Within your Bill4Time plan you can customize the types of wording and phrases to suit the needs of your company. If you go to Settings – System tab you can edit the settings to view and edit your Mnemonics. mnemonicsYour Project Mnemonic can be changed from Project to Matters, Cases, Tickets, or whatever terminology you use. Your Labor Mnemonic can be changed to Services, Services Rendered, etc. You have your Activity Mnemonic which can be changed to Task, Categories, etc. Lastly, you have your Taxes. You can use these mnemonics to change your “Tax” text or use them as an “Admin Fee” which you can setup on the firm level or per client.

For further customization in your Settings you can update your Custom Lists to change the different Types you will see throughout the system.

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Written by Kristin O’Neill

Kristin O'Neill

Kristin is the Director of Customer Success of Bill4Time products. She manages a team of product specialists that help clients achieve success through streamlined processes for time tracking, invoicing and payments.

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